Manage and deliver content to any networked display in your location


Remote scheduler and monitoring
Control the display network from multiple laptops, tablets, PCs or smartphones. Also allow real time messaging display of news items or time-critical information
Centralised control
Control the entire network of displays from one centralised location to send or receive information securely

SMS gateway
Send specific messages and make the display interactive with SMS-based games and polls
Enables cross-platform communication management for site traffic load balancing

  • remotescheduler
    Remote Scheduler and Monitoring:
    Multiple users can control the display network from their laptops, tablet PC or PDA devices. It also allows real time messaging display of news items or time critical information.
  • smsgateway
    SMS Gateway:
    The user can send specific messages to the display or request a message to be displayed at any time. This feature also enables gaming and polling features which can make the display interactive without physical contact – ideal for point of sale advertising.
  • centralisedcontrol
    Centralised Control:
    Control the entire network of displays from one centralised location from which information can be sent or received securely.
  • security
    To prevent unauthorised access to the system, wowVISTA allows you to configure different levels of user rights and for added peace of mind.
  • scalable
    The scalable server enables cross platform communication management and is used for site traffic load balancing – start deploying to a few screens initially, increasing need for more displays using the same server in the future.
  • wowVistatemplate
    wowVISTA Template Designer:
    The intuitive and easy to use design template allows the user to display any type of media content on any part of the screen. Multiple sources of real time (live) and scheduled video content and RSS Feed can be displayed in predefined zones.

wowVista technical specifications (pdf format)