Enterprise grade collaboration solution for teams to create, share and manage innovation


BYOD wireless collaboration

Wirelessly present any content and collaborate from any device – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and more – to a display screen

Multi-display presentation

Multiple displays allow viewing different content simultaneously on different displays

Shared workspace for team collaboration

Teams can create and edit a common document through their individual devices. Furthermore, documents can be shared and saved by all team participants

Interactive whiteboard

Annotate, edit or highlight the current presentation via touch enabled displays. In fact, the entire team can mindmap or brainstorm by using their own keyboard and mouse

  • byodcollaboration
    BYOD wireless collaboration:
    Wirelessly present and collaborate from any PC, mac, tablet or a smartphone. No need to worry about interface, switching, resolution scaling or operating systems
  • 4k&hdpresentation
    4K & HD video streaming:
    Wirelessly stream both, 4K or HD 1080p video with full HD audio
  • multidisplaypresentation
    Multi-display presentation: 

    You can extend your digital canvas on multiple displays. This allows viewing different content simultaneously on different displays as well as it allows you to extend the maximum number of participants to 12 on a dual display mode
  • hdmiinput
    HDMI input:
    Capture any external HDMI source (i.e. Codec, HDMI camera, set top box, DVD, Blu-ray, document camera, etc.) And display it on the digital canvas as full screen, in a window or picture-in-picture (pip).the captured content can be annotated and saved as a snapshot/image using the interactive whiteboard feature
  • dynamicdisplayoutput
    Dynamic display layout:
    Collab8 has the ability to recognize when participants join a meeting and as they start presenting it dynamically adjusts the screen to accommodate the participants and their display resolution. Up to six presenters can simultaneously display on a single Collab8 screen
  • collaborationnotes
    Collaboration notes:
    A participant can now choose to view the main display content on their own device, grab a screenshot, take notes and save it as their own, independent of the main presentation
  • teamcollaboration
    Team collaboration:
    Our digital canvas creates a team environment. Participants can now share, create and edit a common document in real time by collaborating together on the same file at the same time through their individual devices using their own keyboard and mouse
  • interactivetouch
    Interactive touch collaboration:
    Our multi touch support allows the user to swipe, scale and pinch etc. On any connected multi-touch display
  • interactivewhiteboard
    Interactive whiteboard:
    Turn your multi-touch enabled Collab8 screen into a fully functional interactive whiteboard where you can create, annotate, illustrate, review, edit or highlight on the digital canvas. You can even annotate, highlight upon content presented. The editable version can be shared with other participants
  • reversecontrol
    Reverse control:
    From the touch enabled main display (or a keyboard/mouse connected to Collab8) you can control a presenter’s windows or mac screen allowing real time action and modifications on displayed content
  • collab8cloud
    Collab8 cloud:
    Any participant can drag and drop a file over the Collab8 cloud icon to share it with all participants in the room or open it on the main display
  • support3rdparty
    Support for 3rd party apps:
    Built in communication & functional apps like Skype®, Go To Meeting®, Webex®, Ms Office® and Lync® allows you to share and collaborate with customers, partners, consultants, remote branches – virtually anyone with internet and a web camera
  • environmentalfeatures
    Smart energy management:
    Built in line with today’s need for energy efficiency with our core components being solid state and energy star rated

Collab8 technical specifications (pdf format)