Enable learners and educators to wirelessly connect and interact with each other


Quad display support

Up to four presenters can wirelessly display to the common display at the same time. This gives for a greater scope of lesson planning and teaching tools at your disposal

Presentation recording 

An invaluable resource for teachers to record their presentations in real time for remote learning, teacher training and absentee students

Interactive whiteboard 

Multiple users can participate in a whiteboard session by using their own computers as the whiteboard and projecting to a central display

Security high encryption

Who knows who’s listening in? An encrypted (1024 bit key) presentation between presenter and display screen means your files (and computer) are protected from unwanted snooping

Audience response mechanisms

Interact with your participants by gathering their feedback via simple Q&As, polls, votes or games

Asset management

Control multiple displays from a central location through a web browser

  • wirelesspresentation
    Wireless presentation

    This feature allows a presenter to send their desktop image to a display projector without the need for a VGA cable. We can move seamlessly from one presenter to the next allowing you to get more done and to keep the rest of the class engaged

  • youtubevideostreaming
    YouTube video streaming
    We know how important it is to be compatible with the world’s number one video streaming site, so we have made sure you can play you-tube videos directly on a room projector or display
  • quaddisplay
    Quad display support
    Unique to VEOS, up to 4 presenters can display simultaneously to the common display. This gives you, the teacher, a greater scope of lesson planning and teaching tools at your disposal
  • applemacsupport
    Mac Support
    Students of today have an ever growing variety of hardware which needs to be compatible with the classroom technology. VEOS has made sure that no one is left out by allowing Mac users to participate in presentations
  • allowdenydisplay
    Allow/deny display
    Any participant can be denied the ability to display from their laptop to the group to prevent unsuitable content
  • assetmanagement
    Asset management
    This can be utilised with a web browser allowing users to control multiple displays from a central location
  • digitalsignage
    Digital signage/live TV
    Digital signage within campus is an invaluable way of distributing information, news and bringing it to life for your staff and students. With VEOS, any display can be converted into a centrally managed electronic display that not only shows information but can include live television broadcast
  • emergencymessaging
    Emergency messaging
    In the event of an emergency, messages can be broadcast to all displays simultaneously in a few seconds
  • livevideostreaming
    Live video streaming
    Another benefit of the wireless presentation is that the presenter can stream a video file from their pc to the projector –again so easy to do, no cables or movement involved, just click and play, giving each student equal access to the projector. Of course, this is going to work just as well over a wired network
  • scaling
    With VEOS, you don’t have to worry about that problem of your display resolution not matching that of the projector. We’ve made it easy to scale up or scale down your display resolution until it looks just right
  • instantmessaging
    Q&A – instant messaging
    Interaction between you and your students is the name of the game if you want to keep their attention and make sure the information goes in and stays in! VEOS has a built in IM feature which allows all participants to communicate by simple text messaging
  • securityhighencryption
    Security high encryption
    Of course, we understand that there are security issues to be considered which is why VEOS boasts an encrypted (1024 bit key) presentation between presenter and display. That means your private files are protected from unwanted traffic
  • lockparticipants
    Lock participants
    This feature allows the teacher to lock any participants display/screen either when they are presenting or to force them to pay attention to a presentation
  • presentationrecording
    Presentation recording
    An invaluable resource for teachers is to record the presentation in real time to use for remote learning, teacher training and absentee students
  • enoticeboard
    e-Notice board
    This feature allows information to be sent immediately from a central location to all displays or dedicated displays – whether it is emergency news or general information, this easy method of distribution gets the message across quickly and effectively, straight in front of the students
  • hdlivestreaming
    HD live video streaming
    If you are concerned that HD files are not going to work, then no need – VEOS enables each presenter to stream a high def video file up to 1080p to the projector – no quality lost and no time wasted
  • easyswitching
    Easy switching between users
    At WOW Vision we understand that the flow of your lesson does not need to be interrupted whilst you get all technical with cables and switchers, so we have made it so easy to switch between presenters. Just one click will do i
  • ewhiteboard
    Interactive whiteboard
    We are all familiar with the benefits of electronic whiteboards in the classroom environment and how they enhance discussions and demonstrations. With the VEOS system, multiple users can participate in an e-whiteboard session, using their own pc as the whiteboard and projecting to a central display
  • filesharing
    File sharing
    An instantaneous method of sharing lesson content or student input, the file sharing feature means that any content or multimedia files can be sent, received and downloaded before the presentation finishes and more importantly, before the students leave the room
  • audienceresponse
    Audience response
    Involvement and interaction of students with the presentation subject can be enhanced by feedback responses. Whether a simple Q&A format, pooling, voting, games – VEOS facilitates an easy way to do this, fitting seamlessly into your presentation
  • smsnotification
    SMS notifications
    If you need the support team in the event that a display device is not working, VEOS allows you to send a simple SMS message (or email) directly to the support team who can then view your system remotely to fix that problem
  • devicecontrol
    Device control
    An authorised person can control VEOS either on site or remotely. Control can be integrated into your existing operations room allowing your IT department to gain their green credentials and ensure that no systems are on when they don’t need to be

proVEOS technical specifications (pdf format)

teamVEOS technical specifications (pdf format)

miniVEOS technical specifications (pdf format)