open_quote  How can I get my students actively involved in class?  close_quote

Getting students engaged in a lesson is hard work. Like climbing Mount Everest.

We developed tools to facilitate and develop settings for interactive learning via presentations. These tools allow students and teachers to connect, show and interact with class presentations with features such as quad display support for multiple viewpoints, easy switching between displays so that teachers can go back and forth between students’ work, wireless connectivity between devices, and smart polls, simple Q&As and feedback mechanisms to create instant engagement.

Educators can now get students talking and exploring, and once they do – they will learn better.

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open_quote_blue  How can I reach out to more students?  close_quote_blue

Educators can now virtually teach students wherever they may be – Hong Kong, Delhi, Kansas, wherever – by streaming lectures to displays connected wirelessly to the Internet or a central server, or they may capture a live lecture to store and stream to distributed locations on demand.

We wanted to aid educators by developing relevant solutions to virtualise lessons, stream them to multiple locations at the same time, and archive content so that students can access it at any time in the future.

By providing virtualisation and distribution capabilities to educators, students can now learn from each other and their teachers, whether they sit together or halfway across the globe.

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open_quote Installing new technology is painfulclose_quote

Installing new presentation hardware usually involves reams of additional cables and wires to lay under your carpet, into your walls and existing facilities. It can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating for facility managers and staff.

Our wireless collaboration solutions will protect your investment in your facilities by eliminating the need for wires to connect devices to projectors and displays. In fact, we have gone a step further by making your displays smarter and more collaborative for meetings, presentations and collaboration sessions with multi-display functions and the capability for participants to edit and annotate on the current presentation.

So save your time and budgets. Go wireless for smarter classrooms.

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